Interjacent Porphyry v2


So a long time ago I had this ripoff called "Interjacent Porphyry" that I wrote myself and had IRC logs and IM logs and pictures and other crap that I thought were interesting or something and it used to be on my old webspace at but then that server went down (blame this guy) and eventually I bought a new domain but have been Olympic-level lazy in getting everything set up on it and so as a result IP vanished off the face of the Earth for a couple of years except for a few random hits here and there from scraping sites and occasionally I got requests from people to bring it back up and I'd been collecting a whole bunch of quotes for whenever I did get it back up

So now IP is back and built on the Chirpy! quote management system which seems to suck least out of all the prefab ones out there and is certainly better than my gapingly flawed old system that was like the second thing ever I wrote in PHP and its focus is now pretty much just IM and IRC logs (of which there are currently 602 approved in the database and 13 just mouldering there while CHz wastes time on something else) instead of the whole gamut of intermedia and so here we are today

::news flashes::

  • Stopped playing Mother 3 long enough to finally get around to adding the last of the quotes from the original IP that I probably plan on adding, so I guess this is officially "open" or what have you. Suppose I'll make a blog entry in the next day or two.

    ::never makes another news item again::

  • IP's back and better than ever, in that it has a better interface and more features and doesn't have flagrantly crippling security holes. Starting the initial database population with my backlog of quotes, and then I'll move onto adding the old stuff that deserves to be added.

    If you are viewing this and I have not directly linked you to it, then Chirpy! has already installed a Die Hard 4-style virus that will cause your computer to explode when you hit the backspace key.